A Forex trader is the one who trades on currency pairs in order to earn a profit. The initial step that a Forex trader has to take is to decide on the currency pairs that he would like to trade in. When you decide to trade currencies, it is important that you choose your account with the forex broker that can give you the best rates for your currency trading account. A trader can pick a Forex account based on the type of trading that he would like to do. Traders need to analyze the speed of the trading market so as to decide whether or not they would want to do some type of fast trading. The same analysis also should be applied when a trader picks his forex trading account. Other factors that affect your trading decision include whether or not you are comfortable doing trading and if you are confident enough to handle large amounts of money. A Forex trading account can help you get accustomed to the Forex market. The best accounts have live demo trading capabilities so that you can test your system before you start the real trading. The advantage of a demo account is that it helps you learn forex trading from the scratch, so you know the system before you go into the real money trading market. You can be confident of the real world profit that you will earn. When you are selecting your Forex trading account, it is important that you look for an account that offers the best rates for their customers. Rates that offer low commissions will surely attract a lot of traders. Another thing that you should look for in your forex trading account is the trading platform that has good auto-replay feature. It is the system that alerts you if a trade is trading out of your reach. Forex exchange brokers can be found with their own websites, where they can give all the information you need to know about forex trading. With the good information you need, you can easily find a Forex broker that you can use for your trading needs. a startling fact about analysis for oil uncovered 2 300x175 - How to Choose a Forex Broker Account Another forex broker that you can use for your Forex trading needs is the FXCM. FXCM is one of the top brokers that has free demo account that enables you to play with currency pairs in order to be confident of your decision to start trading. Another forex broker that you can use is Forex Exchange Traders. It is very simple to use as all you need to do is enter your currency trading account number, user name and password. You can choose which forex trading platform that you prefer to use when you are choosing your forex trading account. However, be sure that the platform you are going to use can protect your funds and can generate interest when you are making money.